About PostDoc Messenger

The PostDoc Messenger is a monthly newsletter for IUSM postdoctoral trainees, managed by members of the IUSM Postdoctoral Association (PDA).

Writers needed for the PostDoc Messenger! 

If you are interested in covering findings from a seminar, contributing insight from a professional development seminar, highlighting a current IUSM postdoc, or sharing the career path of a former IUSM postdoc, let us know.

Please click here to signup. You can also send your story idea to iusm.postdoc.messenger -(at)- gmail.com. Also below are descriptions of the various columns and article guidelines.

Column descriptions

  • Postdoc Rendezvous introduces us to an IUSM postdoc that has recently, in conjunction with a recent seminar. Currently all Rendezvous articles have tied in with Postdoc Live!, IUSM’s seminar series for postdoctoral trainees. Around the time of the seminar, the contributor will interview the seminar speaker and summarize his or her career path and research interests.
  • Spotlight Seminar highlights key takeaway messages from an interesting seminar presented in one of many diverse departments on campus or from a recent conference.
  • Alumni Beats connects us with former IUSM postdocs to learn about the career journeys and scientific interests. Call up or email a former lab member and let us know what they’re up to now.
  • Professional Development summarizes lessons and tips from a relevant workshop or conference on or off campus.

Article guidelines: Aim for a 400-700 word article. Include 1-2 figures, photos, diagrams, tables, etc. Indicate placement in the article if it’s important. Please attach a high-quality image or photo, and include text for the legend in the main document, with a reference for the image. Tables can be included in the word document.